As a result, if you intend to farm Hell Countess for runes over an extended period of time, most likely in search of a few Pul – Ist runes or several, D2 items is increasingly important to consider run speed and build selections.




erects buildings and other structures


Because of her natural teleportation abilities as well as her ability to cast teleport spells quickly, the Sorceress is automatically the best class for controlling The Countess in any situation. Because she only requires a small amount of damage to kill her players1, travel speed becomes the most important factor to consider.200fcr is ideal for countess runs as a result, but 105fcr is also a very effective option. The fact that she is immune to fire and cold makes lightning attacks particularly effective against her, and sorceresses of the Lightning and Nova schools are most likely to be the most effective choices for running her in the game. Sorceresses who are hybrids, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable in society. Even fire Sorceresses and fire/cold hybrids can outrun her in a reasonable amount of time, and this is the final point to mention. It is possible for the mercenary to kill her minions (who are not fire immune) and clear the way for her to kill the countess (which is particularly effective if you use static field), thus clearing the path to the countess.

To be sure, if one is in possession of the Engima runeword, members of other classes can perform admirably in the Countels company. If a Sorceress is present, there is no competition because she will be significantly more swift than anyone else. In contrast, if Engima is available, she can be run by nearly any class in a relatively short period of time. The Barbarian, in particular, is lightning-fast, his fcr frames matching those of the sorceress, and the Necromancer and Paladin are both equally adept at getting the job done in a short amount of time as well. If the only source of damage is not cold-based, and preferably not fire-based (though this can also be effective as previously described), then the majority of common builds for each class are viable options.



It's wort D2 ladder runewords for sale to spend some time trying to find a good map if you've built up your Countess running skills and are running with reasonably good gear. If you intend to put in a significant amount of runs (for example, farming several Ists for a 6ist weapon), then it's worth  to spend some time looking. Countess running improves with time, and running with reasonably good gear is a plus. The steps I take to get there include rerolling maps until the tower is reasonably close to the Black Marsh waypoint, and then checking to see if the path down to the countess has several long paths between levels.

On every level,  is possible to find short paths, but it is extremely difficult to locate a map that looks like this. To determine the average runtime, I would run 20 or so runs if the paths were of reasonable length on average. According to my personal experience with a 200fcr lightning Sorceress, cheap D2R ladder items doesn't take much effort to find a map where you can complete runs in approximately 35 seconds or less without pausing for breath. As a result, this is the objective I recommend as a starting point. Runs of less than 30 seconds are very possible, but they frequently necessitate the use of a map that takes a long time to load and then roll out.

The likelihood of receiving a rune drop in Hell

I manually calculated the correct rune drop chances for the Countess in Hell difficulty and posted them in this thread. A complex calculation is required because of the interaction between her item and rune tc (as described in the linked post), and the most commonly used drop calculators are significantly off by a significant margin. In addition, a set of tables containing the results will be included in this guide.