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    League of Legends Players Brace for Dramatic Changes in Game Roles
    If you're a long-time player of League of Legends, you are likely familiar with the common complaints about the AD carry role. Players in this role have consistently expressed frustration with the lack of agency, damage, or durability. However, since Patch 13.1B in season 13, AD carries have enjoyed a much-needed boost in power, with the role feeling stronger than ever before. But this will soon come to an end, as David "Phreak" Turley, a game designer at Riot Games, recently...
    Di Riva2023-03-15 03:12:5809
    Which are the best performing maps for Valorant Gekko?
    Gekko is Valorant's 22nd Agent and has unique abilities that can be used to obtain information, blink opponents, shock targets, and detain enemies. Unlike other starter agents, Gekko can re-use his abilities after regaining them. As a result, stuns and partners can be used multiple times in a round, providing a lot of utility to the team. Gekko is an initiator that fits well with any Agent attack. He can throw his ability into the field to clear corners and force defenders to back off....
    Di Riva2023-03-14 01:27:40010
    OSRS Farming Guide - RPGStash
    What Is Farming ? Farming is a skill in which the players can plant various plants and harvest them after a while, all over Old School Runescape. Why Should You Train Farming ? There are a few reasons why you might want to train your farming. First of all, farming can be a great way to make money passively. There are herbs, bushes and trees which you can plant and get guaranteed profit every time they fully grow. As your farming level increases, you will have access to more plants which you...
    Di Riva2023-03-07 03:06:19015
    Valorant guide: How to play Neon on Lotus
    After the release of Valorant Episode 6, the maps Bind and Breeze were removed, replaced by old favorite Split and the new map Lotus. At the same time, a new battle pass with three new skins, Radianite, Titles, Sprays, Gunners, and Player Cards will appear in the game. The lotus flower is located in the Western Ghats of India. It also has three stations, namely A, B and C. The map may look huge, but it has many paths that can be traversed more quickly. Currently, Lotus can only be played in...
    Di Riva2023-02-07 01:42:15028
    When does League of Legends rankings reset?
    The ranked queue feature is one of the most intriguing areas of League of Legends, allowing players to test their skills against others for a spot on the regional ladder. But this ranking will not remain the same forever. Only a reset of the ranking will make players more passionate, and at the same time experience the new features after the update. In 2023 Riot Games chose to revise the structure of the game's ranked seasons to align them with other games. Instead of being a year-long...
    Di Riva2023-01-12 01:28:12040
    Retribution Paladin Guide - WOW Dragonflight
    Retribution Paladins are thematically holy crusaders, using two handed weapons to turn the power of the light into absurdly powerful damaging abilities. Paladin only has one damage specialization, and this is it. It’s primarily a melee spec with a very limited number of ranged abilities to use. Why play Retribution Paladin If the thought of playing a Holy Crusader, a melee wielder of the light with strong support options and insane burst interest you, then Retribution Paladin might...
    Di Riva2022-12-23 05:51:03049
    Realm of the Mad God Exalt will add new weapons
    Realm of the Mad God Exalt will add new weapons, each new weapon is a subtype of the main weapon, and within each subtype there will be two completely different variant types, layered Weapons and UT weapons. Realm of the Mad God has always been popular with players, and it still attracts many new players to join. Whether you are a new player or an old player, you always need enough RotMG Items to support your game, because players must collect different types of Realm of the Mad God Items for...
    Di Riva2022-12-21 09:08:02041
    OSRS Mining Guide
    What is Mining? Mining is a resource gathering skill that allows you to mine ores that are spread out throughout the runescape map. Why Should You Train Mining? Levelling up your mining allows you to mine higher tier ores and at higher levels you can make a decent amount of OSRS GP per hour mining these ores. These money making ores are as follows: Runite Ore Gemstones Amethyst A decent number of quests require mining to complete, some of these quests are almost essential as they...
    Di Riva2022-12-05 05:45:38072
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