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    Some of the Rarest Orbs/Currencies in Path of Exile
    There is no fixed form of currency in Path of Exile, and players massacre rocks in exchange for items. These rocks, called Orbs, are the primary way to determine an item's value. Among them, the most standard one is Chaos Stone, its rarity is the most balanced, and it can be regarded as a very valuable POE Currency. These PoE Orbs themselves have intrinsic value and utility beyond being a currency. The main goal of the player is always to collect the best orbs. This is how you...
    Di Riva2022-11-25 06:33:2904
    I mostri Ed IL bambino
    Quando si combattono I mostri, bisogna fare attenzione a non diventarlo...Cosi pensava nitchze (Aggiungo che IL segreto sta Nel cuore di un bambino, Basta guardare I mostri con I gli occhi Della innocenza)  
    Di Mark2021-12-20 23:51:480198
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