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    The Best WotLK Item to Farm - RPGStash
    Wrath of the Lich King is another carnival version of World of Warcraft. Players are once again flooding into Wrath of the Lich King to challenge everything that is both familiar and strange. You'll choose new classes, own new mounts, discover new raids, and acquire new preparations, all of which require you to spend a lot of WOW WotLK Classic Gold and materials to get them. Collecting Gold and materials is already a default way for Warcraft players. Players can use the...
    Di Riva2023-02-17 02:33:05048
    D2R Singer Barbarian Build Guide - RPGStash
    Singer Barb Introduction Singer Barbs are an extremely fun and viable way to play end game hell. Barbarians usually rely on raw power to cut and hack their way through anything in their path, Singer Barbs on the other hand bully and taunt their foes by shouting at them to death.  The nature of the build relies on a single spell to deal damage meaning we can concentrate on gaining a high % of Magic Find gear on our items, this makes the build extremely effective for farming. The...
    Di Riva2023-01-05 02:27:08061
    Some of the Rarest Orbs/Currencies in Path of Exile
    There is no fixed form of currency in Path of Exile, and players massacre rocks in exchange for items. These rocks, called Orbs, are the primary way to determine an item's value. Among them, the most standard one is Chaos Stone, its rarity is the most balanced, and it can be regarded as a very valuable POE Currency. These PoE Orbs themselves have intrinsic value and utility beyond being a currency. The main goal of the player is always to collect the best orbs. This is how you...
    Di Riva2022-11-25 06:33:29057
    I mostri Ed IL bambino
    Quando si combattono I mostri, bisogna fare attenzione a non diventarlo...Cosi pensava nitchze (Aggiungo che IL segreto sta Nel cuore di un bambino, Basta guardare I mostri con I gli occhi Della innocenza)  
    Di Mark2021-12-20 23:51:480250
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Why are more and more people attracted by New World?
New World focuses on clan engagement, team formation, and PvP warfare. Gamers are usually just...
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