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    Plague Amazon Build Guide - RPGStash
    Plague Ama Introduction Javazon builds are one of most, if not the most, powerful builds in the game.  The most common utilizes lightning damage from Lightning Fury and Charged Strike to deal extreme damage, however the Plague Amazon is a less conventional approach but still viable. The Plague Amazon launches Javelins at groups of enemies which leave a trail of poison in their wake, and a cloud of poison on impact to deal huge amounts of damage to enemies over time.  The...
    Di Riva2023-03-02 02:54:33016 The Fun and Addictive Racing Game You Need to Play
    Get ready for an adrenaline-packed experience with - the ultimate online racing game. Featuring cute and quirky bean characters, the game challenges players to race through tricky obstacle courses, collect power-ups, and reach the finish line before time runs out. offers a variety of gameplay modes, including time trials and survival challenges, each with its own set of obstacles and objectives. The game is designed to be easy to pick up and play, with intuitive...
    Di Wheel2023-02-24 13:29:12019
    OSRS High Level AFK Money Making Methods - RPGStash
    This guide contains AFK money making methods in Old School Runescape. The easiest and quickest way to get gold is by Buying RS Gold at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:   AFK Methods   Mining Amethyst If you have an account with 92+ mining, you can start doing this method. Mining amethyst is fairly afk due to the fact that the ore deposit doesn’t deplete immediately and you will be swinging your pickaxe for a...
    Di Riva2023-02-21 02:34:46021
    Gearing guide: “Super” rares in WOW Dragonflight
    The community coined “super rares” in Dragonflight are a small collection of the rare mobs available in the new expansions’ zones that offer above average item-level loot drops relative to regular rare mobs. Why do we care? Regular rare mobs in dragonflight can drop up to 369/372 item-level gear, with “super rares” being able to offer up to 385 item level with some pretty insane effect trinkets. The loot dropped from super rares (and rares as...
    Di Riva2022-12-30 02:20:20154
    PoE3.20 Update: Ruthless Modes, Returning Events and more
    Path of Exile 3.20 is on the way, and Grinding Gear Games has adjusted the upcoming event to suit the preferences of different types of players. Ruthless will be released with the 3.20 expansion pack, a mode about friction, tension and anticipation. With extremely rare item drops, very few reliable sources of Chaos Orbs, and limited crafting, the goal is to make progression very difficult, but more rewarding. What is Ruthless Mode? Additional character creation badges for Ruthless...
    Di Riva2022-11-08 09:07:00070
    Friday Night Funkin’ Vs. Huggy Wuggy
    Versus Huggy Wuggy is another delivery for Friday Night Funkin' with which we can enter the most frightening Halloween method of all. Right now we just find accessible a solitary melody inside this new MOD as basically a DEMO will be accessible very soon. In the melodic perspective we can feature that it is a showdown with a very striking tune because of the voice of FNF Huggy Wuggy, to which the designers of the MOD have given him his own voice, for certain extremely frightening sounds....
    Di Wheel2022-10-26 09:09:530121
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Valorant guide: How to play Neon on Lotus
After the release of Valorant Episode 6, the maps Bind and Breeze were removed, replaced by old...
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D2R Singer Barbarian Build Guide - RPGStash
Singer Barb Introduction Singer Barbs are an extremely fun and viable way to play end game hell....
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